The mission of Academic IT (AIT) is to support and enhance academic activities of the University by identifying and pursuing opportunities provided by applications of technology to education and research. Academic IT therefore serves as a liaison between the Office of Information Management and the University Academic IT’s vision focuses upon the technological efficiency of academics in utilizing available technology. Academic IT’s main goal is to facilitate self-directed manipulation of technological applications. Areas of technology utilization emphasis consist of teacher-student interaction capabilities within classrooms, computer labs, and resource centers both local and remote. Facets of utilization include content presentation using the technology, communications outside the classroom, assessment of effectiveness, and records keeping. Academic IT provides support through the following units:

  • Open Access Computer Lab Services
    • Gregory Anderson, Coordinator
    • Rita Ignatius, College Lab Coordinator
    • Monte Collins, Instructional Technology Support Specialist
  • Instructional Technology Support Services
    • Emily Miller-Bishop, Academic IT Specialist/Integration.Analyst
    • Kedra Taylor, Academic IT Specialist/Integration Analyst
  • Training Center (Faculty and Staff Development)
    • Tiffany Hoard, Training Coordinator

Course Enhancement Services

Blackboard Learn 9.1 Course Management System

Blackboard Learn 9.1 is a Course Management System (CMS) that enables faculty to manage an online teaching and learning environment. Blackboard suite of tools can be used to supplement traditional instruction or to deliver complete online courses. All authorized faculty at JSU have access to Blackboard. To learn more about Blackboard visit the Blackboard Learn 9.1 Resource website. To access Blackboard visit the Distance Learning website and select log into Blackboard.

Blackboard SafeAssign Plagiarism Prevention Service

Jackson State University has adopted the SafeAssign Plagiarism Prevention Service by Blackboard. SafeAssign is included in Jackson State University’s Course Management System, Blackboard Learn 9.1. The service helps faculty prevent plagiarism by detecting unoriginal content in student papers. Faculty can submit electronic papers to the SafeAssign service for review. SafeAssign compares the papers to multiple online resources (articles, periodicals, news papers, other papers in SafeAssign database, books, etc.) and returns an Originality Report. The Originality Report shows instructors what portion of a student paper matches text taken from other sources. Access to SafeAssign is provided to all authorized faculty.

SafeAssign can also be used to educate students about plagiarism. The service includes tools that are designed to teach students the importance of proper attribution of borrowed content. All currently enrolled students at JSU are provided access to Safeassign.

For more information contact the Instructional Technology Helpdesk at 601.979.0245 or email blackboard@jsums.edu

Creating Your NetID

In order to access the University online services, faculty, staff, and students must use a valid NetID. To create a NetID click here to access your P.A.W.S. account and follow the steps as outlined in the NetID instructions located in P.A.W.S.

Getting Help

WebTasks is JSU central online help request facility for information technology. To request assistance or support for technology services, visit the WebTasks Online Ticket Request website. Login using your JSU ID number (J#).

The Help Desk Information Center resides under the umbrella of Information Technology (IT) Customer Service. The Help Desk aspires to be proficient in its mission to collect, research, track, solve and report on internal and external customers

Consulting Services

Academic IT provides faculty and staff with department level consulting in the effective uses of information technology for education. A number of groups within AIT and IT Services help faculty and staff in assessing technology needs and assist in the development, procurement and delivery of proposed solutions. Faculty is encouraged to contact AIT for consultation on strategies for integrating technology into their teaching and learning practices. Faculty can request a consultation by contacting the Office of Academic IT at 601.979.3451.

Instructional Media Services

Media support is an integrated part of the instructional technology services provided by AIT. In an effort to better support the faculty and students using technology to improve teaching and learning AIT provides video conferencing services, supports an equipment checkout program, media duplication, transfer of media content, digital file conversion, audio, visual and communication services, offers computers and course design software, and supports instructional technology in classrooms and computer labs. Consultation services for departments designing rooms dedicated to video conferencing and distance learning are also provided.

Support for Accreditation Evaluations

AIT provides support for departments preparing for accreditation evaluation by degree accrediting bodies.  AIT will meet with the department’s faculty and staff to review accrediting body technology standards.  Based on the review and input from faculty, AIT will compile a list of technology needs and develop a plan, with implementation timeline, to meet those needs in order to prepare the department for it’s accreditation visit.  To request assistance, please contact the office of Academic Information Technology at 601.979.3451.

Policies and Standards

Information Technology policies, procedures, and standards noted below governs the use of computer,  network, and information technology resources at Jackson State University.

Information Systems Policy
JSU Internet (Web) Policy
Executive Order – Network Responsibility
Wireless Services Policy (Cellular Phones)
JSU Email Policy
Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Policy
Open Access Computer Lab Usage Policy
JSU Digital and Electronic Copyright Infringement Policy
JSU Blackboard Learn 9.1 Usage Policy
JSU Computer Lab Printing Policy

Academic IT Listservs

AIT provides support for four instructional technology Listservs: Blackboard, iTunesU, OIM-AIT-Faculty, and iPad_discussion. The purpose of the Listserv is to provide a means for online faculty and faculty who have an interest in topics such as: online teaching, technology education, technology in the classroom, instructional technology and other related topics to share information, resources and related information. JSU faculty and staff may subcrible to a Listserv by clicking on the email links below. Enter the following information in the subject and body of the email:

Subject – Type the word “Subscribe”
Body – Subscribe “Name of Listserv” (Example “subscribe Blackboard), Yourfirstname Yourlastname, JSU J#. Then Send.
AIT Listserv will get the email and add you as a member.

Blackboard Listserv

OIM-AIT Faculty Listserv


iTunesU Listserv