Admissions Decision Key

Thank you for applying to Jackson State University. A decision was rendered on your admission application and you have received notification via email. Please use the decision key below for clarification of the decision(s) rendered.

CPC GPA: (College Preparatory Curriculum Grade Point Average). This GPA only includes core academic courses.  It does not consider courses such as Health, Accounting, Psychology, Leadership etc.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS:  Please visit Select freshman or transfer student.

* You may receive multiple decisions. Please review each description. For additional questions, please contact Undergraduate Admssions at 601-979-0928.




Pending 30 Required Credit Hrs

After reviewing your college transcript, it has been determined that you are missing one or more of the following required 30 hours with a grade of C or Higher:

  • English Composition I & II
  • College Algebra or Higher Math
  • 6 Hrs of Natural Science (Biology, Chemistry, etc)
  • 6 Hrs of Social or behavioral Science (Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Economics, etc.)
  • 9 Hrs of Fine Arts and Humanities (i.e. Speech, History, Foreign Language, Writing, World Literature, etc.)


You may also submit your official high school transcript and ACT/SAT test score for additional review.


Pending Higher ACT/SAT Score

Your ACT/SAT score(s) does not meet the minimum required test score below.The required test score is determined by your College Prep Course GPA. For further consideration, you must submit a higher test score.

Minimum Required
ACT Score  
2.0 – 2.49
2.5 or higher


Pending Alg II or Higher Math

You must complete two math courses higher than Algebra I (i.e. Geometry and Algebra II)



Pending Screening Review

After careful review of your record, we find that your test score and/or CPC grade point average fall below admission requirements. A formal letter/email will follow with further instructions.



Pending Final High School Transcript

We have received your high school transcript. However, your admission status is pending the receipt of your final official high school transcript with documentation of completion of your senior year.


Pending Higher GPA

Your admission status is pending a higher CPC (College Preparatory Course) GPA. Your GPA does not meet the minimum CPC GPA requirement. Please submit an updated transcript once you have completed you courses and you CPC GPA has increased.

 ACT  Score
Minimum Required
18 or above



Submit 7th Semester Transcript

We have received your 11th grade transcript. You do not meet admission requirements at this time.  However, for further consideration, please submit an updated high school transcript at the end of the first semester of your senior year.



Missing College Prep Courses

You have not completed the required college preparatory courses for admission. See the link to the admission requirements above.


Pending SDP Completion

Your ACCUPLACER test scores are below the minimum requirements.You must successfully complete the Summer Developmental Program in order to be officially admitted to the university for the fall term.


Nd Pry College Transcripts

Submit official transcript(s) from each college/university that you have attended. Although you may have previously submitted transcripts, new documents are required.


Not Elig/ Seeking 2nd BS

You are not eligible to be admitted as a 2nd undergraduate degree seeking student because:

  • We have not received confirmation of first undergraduate degree


  • You are attempting to earn a second degree in the same major as your first degree