Program Objectives

Expanding the Network Program Objectives

Objectives of the ADVANCE Women of Color SWR are 

  • Objective 1: Adaptation: Extend for adaptation the components of the JSU ADVANCE SWR to support the scholarly productivity and career advancement of women of color at six other minority-serving institutions.  
  • Objective 2: Multi-Institutional Network: Create an inter/multi-institutional network that significantly expands the resources that are available to enhance the scholarly productivity and career advancement of faculty at the partner institutions.
  • Objective 3: Learning: Develop a learning and knowledge-building community that harnesses, reviews, and disseminates data and findings about the adaptation process, the SWR components and their impact on scholarly productivity and career advancement. Through the adaptations, the objective is to learn which components of the SWR most effectively promote the participants’ scholarly productivity while also giving attention to the role of scholarly identity and work-life balance in writing/research productivity among STEM, especially women of color faculty.  

This multi-institutional network will address well-documented challenges women of color face in STEM as it relates to scholarly productivity, publishing, securing of external grant funding, tenure and promotion into full professorships and advancement into academic administrative leadership.  A network is essential for addressing female faculty challenges in the absence of productive collaborative networks within their departments, which are important vehicles for scholarly activities.