Blackboard Videos & Tutorials

The following tutorials are provided by Blackboard, Inc. in combination with JSU Blackboard Learn 9.1 upgrade. Faculty and students are encouraged to use the tutorials to familiarize themselves with the features and functionality of Blackboard. Included are videos, pdfs, WebPages and a list of manuals that provide additional documentation for using the system. To view click on the download link for required plug-ins:

Blackboard Tutorials

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> Change CE 8 to Learn 9.1
> Getting Started with the Grade Center
> Getting Started with the Course Environment
> Getting Started with Groups
> Getting Started with Course Content
> Getting Started with Building a Test
> Getting Started with Assignments
> Getting Started with a Course Moved from CE 8
> Blackboard Learn SafeAssign Instructor Guide
> Blackboard End of Semester Checklist

Blackboard Videos
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> Your Course Environment
> Adding a Banner to Your Course
> Creating a Blank Page on the Course Menu
> Adding File to a Course
> Adding Avatars To Course
> Editing the Home Page
> Building Learning Modules
> Creating a Forum
> Grading a Discussion Board Forum


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> Creating A Network Identifier (NetID)
> How to Access Blackboard
> Understanding the Change from WebCT CE8 to Blackboard 9.1
> How to Access Blackboard for JSU Online Students
> Supported Browsers and Operating Systems


What is

Blackboard is a Course Management System that allows faculty to deliver course material electronically.

> Alternative Education
> Collaborative learning
> Flexible Schedules
> Teaching and Learning Mobility



All users must have an active NetID in order to log into Blackboard.  For instructions on how to obtain a Network Identifier (NetID), log into JSU PAWS  and select "Activate NetID".

PDF Note: To view PDFs install the Adobe Reader  browser plugin.

flash Note: To view videos install the Adobe Flash Player  browser plugin.

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