Careers in Aquatic,  Fisheries and Atmospheric Sciences

Funding Agency

Grant Award No. NA050AR4811023

Classroom/Laboratory Activities

The program consists of ten Saturday workshops during which students and their teachers are engaged in lectures and laboratory exercises on various marine/environmental sciences and meteorology topics, including analysis of water quality, assessment of fecal coli forms in water, environmental toxicology, and estimation of algae densities, aquaculture, the use of dichotomous keys to identify fish species, and operation of field assessment equipment. Hence, during the Saturday Academy Workshop Program, students are involved with taking lectures and participating in laboratory exercises carefully designed to expose them to current issues and topics in aquatic sciences and related fields; including aquatic chemistry, fisheries biology, aquatic ecology, and aquatic science and economics.

Students are also trained on weather observations and map analysis. They are instructed in basic weather chart analysis techniques and taught to do rudimentary analysis of surface, 850 millibar (5,000 ft), 700 millibar (10,000 ft) and 500 millibar (18,000 ft) charts of the continental United States. From this analysis, students are introduced to high and low pressure areas, surface and upper air ridges and troughs, and the type weather associated with these features.