Black Violin

August 28th, 2013 by webmaster

Black Violin offers a blend of classical, hip-hop, rock, R&B, and bluegrass music. Since its start a decade ago, members have put on some 200 shows a year across the U.S. and in dozens of countries, from Dubai to South Africa. Black Violin also has appeared at the President’s Inauguration, three Super Bowls, last year’s U.S. Open with Jordin Sparks and continues to entertain troops overseas. Groundbreaking collaborations include those with P. Diddy, Kanye West, 50 Cent, Tom Petty, Aerosmith, Aretha Franklin and The Eagles. Oct. 2, 2013 ŸMaster class with students Ÿ Noon Ÿ Rose E. McCoy Auditorium | Oct. 3, 2013 Ÿ Performance Ÿ 7 p.m. Ÿ Rose E. McCoy Auditorium