Emergency Management

The Jackson State University Department of Public Safety's vision is to support the administrative, educational, and financial performance of the University and provide a safe and healthy campus community for faculty, staff, students, patrons, and visitors. The department's efforts include preventive measures such as crime prevention education and enforcement (campus policing), which promote awareness and individual responsibility in an effort to prevent criminal and safety mishaps. 

The Jackson State University Department of Public Safety provides safety for its faculty, staff, students, patrons, and visitors. To do this, the DPS offers an array of services:

• Full service police department staffed with police/security officers, criminal
  investigators, certified dispatchers, and other support staff
• Provides routine patrol of the campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Responds to calls for service from the campus community
• Provides law enforcement personnel for events occurring on and off campus

What is the Jackson State University (JSU) Everbridge Aware for Campus Alerts?

Jackson State University's alert system enables emergency response team members to
communicate with students, faculty, and staff in minutes by sending a message via a number of contact methods – email, text messaging, and cell phones. Everbridge Aware for Campus Alerts will only be used during emergencies and for system testing.  This service is free to members of the Jackson State University campus community. However, standard rates apply for cell phone and SMS messages.

What type of emergencies?

Severe safety matters, severe weather, extended power outages; select water situations, life threatening situations, and others deemed a safety or life threatening matter.

How JSU Alert System Works?

The success of this service relies on you, the user, to provide accurate contact information.
• University officials create voice and/or text messages via phone or computer
• Mass notification system attempts to contact everyone simultaneously with voice and
text messages via their preferred devices
• Students, faculty, and staff receive text and voice messages in minutes, whether located
on-campus or off-campus, in class or in transit
• Having your latest contact information in the notification system is the only way to
ensure that we can quickly communicate with you regarding and emergency. Thank you
for your participation.

For more information on the Everbridge Aware for Campus Alerts System please, contact willie.gray@jsums.edu or to sign up, click here.

JSU Emergency Operations Plan