Parking Rules and Regulations

On the campus of Jackson State University, parking is a major consideration for students, faculty, staff and visitors to the campus.  Jackson State University has the responsibility and the legal authority to enforce traffic and parking regulations.  The DPS considers the use of a vehicle on campus as a convenience and does not assume the obligation of providing a parking space for all automobiles.  The University is, however, designed to accommodate most persons desiring to use campus parking facilities.  Every person operating a motor vehicle on campus property is responsible for obeying all traffic and parking regulations, as well as, all state parking and traffic regulations.  All vehicles operated on campus property must display a valid parking decal.

Construction on campus is ongoing and must be considered where parking is concerned.  Most construction projects call for the closing of some lots until the project is completed.  As one lot is reopened after construction, another may be closed for the next project.  The Department of Public Safety attempts to accommodate displaced parking when this occurs.  The alternate parking will be placed as close as possible to the original lot.

Some lots or a portion of a lot may occasionally be blocked to allow visitor parking for special events.  The Department respectfully requests that anyone displaced by the reserving of these parking spaces be tolerant of the situation for the short time the spaces will be used by visitors.  The term “visitor” is interpreted to mean an individual with no official connections with JSU as either a student, faculty, or staff member.  Visitors should obtain a visitor parking decal from the DPS.  Visitors are required to show a valid driver’s license to obtain a visitor’s decal.  The DPS does not provide transportation to or from off-campus locations, which includes transporting individuals to the doctor’s appointments.  Individuals may request an ambulance during an  emergency by calling (601) 979-2580.

If a vehicle becomes temporarily disabled and cannot be parked in its assigned area, the owner of the vehicle must report the situation to the DPS.  The fact that the vehicle is temporarily disabled will be recorded and an officer will either render assistance or authorize temporary parking.  Temporary parking will only be authorized for 24 hours or less.  If parking for a longer period is necessary, it must be renewed at 24 hour intervals not to exceed 72 hours.  Temporary parking will not be authorized in areas that are not parking spaces (tow away or no parking zones, etc.) or handicap parking.  A permit may be obtained from the DPS for display on a disabled vehicle.  For these purposes, a disabled vehicle is a vehicle that has been disabled for more than one day.

Services such as jump starts are offered by the DPS as time permits.  The DPS does not change flats, push cars, unlock vehicles, or perform any automotive services.

Parking in gated/reserved lots is exclusive for faculty, staff, and  visitors.  The parking areas are all reserved except where it is designated visitors.  No students or visitors are allowed to park in those reserved parking spaces except during the times posted.

If you wish to park on campus, the DPS request that drivers follow all traffic rules and regulations for the campus.   Please be aware that  parking fines range from $50 to $150 per violation.  The Mississippi Legislature has also granted JSU Dept. of Public Safety authority to ticket and tow illegally parked vehicles on streets bordering the campus.  ALL fees incurred from towing will be the responsibility of the owner.