Striving for Excellence


Welcome to the Department of Defense (DoD) Center of Excellence in Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education (CESTEME) at Jackson State University (JSU). Through this site you will find relevant information on important activities implemented by the Center.

The United States Army has long recognized that a scientifically and technologically literate citizenry is our nation’s best hope for a secure, rewarding, and successful future. However, recently a steady decline in the scientific literacy and in the number of students interested in careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) has been widely published in various authoritative documents. Current national statistics also indicate that under-represented minority student groups show very low participation in STEM disciplines.

In order to provide meaningful solutions to the above-stated challenges, and especially the projected shortfall of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians among the diverse populations of the 21st century, JSU has partnered with Hinds Community College (HCC) and Jackson Public School District (JPSD) to establish the CESTEME with the overarching goal of developing a STEM pipeline program that will enhance the academic infrastructure of STEM-related programs at their respective institutions,  and recruit, train, and mentor academically talented K-12 and undergraduate students to pursue careers and advanced degrees in STEM disciplines of relevance to the mission of the Department of Defense.

CESTEME mission is in line with DoD STEM education and outreach strategic mission to “inspire, develop, and attract the STEM talent essential to deliver innovative solutions for the Nation’s current and future challenges”. Our Center is developing the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians by utilizing specific multidisciplinary areas of scientific and engineering endeavors as integrative tools to enhance students’ awareness and scientific and engineering knowledge, to improve their overall academic performance, and to subsequently facilitate their transition and success in STEM disciplines throughout the academic pipeline.

Through our dedication and commitment to academic excellence, we are confident that this monumental project will have a significant impact on the development of a competent STEM workforce that is essential for sustaining American competitiveness as a global leader in knowledge-based economy. Again, welcome to the JSU-DoD CESTEME website. I hope you will find it informative and useful. With best wishes.


Paul B. Tchounwou, Sc.D., F.A.B.I., I.O.M.

Center Director & Principal Investigator
CSET Associate Dean & Presidential Distinguished Professor