Saturday Academy

A cohort of 5 students (DoD Fellows) from each of the five JSPD high schools (Jim Hill, Lanier, Provine, Wingfield, and Murrah) was selected to participate in the CESTEME Saturday Academy Program. On scheduled Saturdays (16 per year; 5 hours per Saturday) enrichment sessions are provided by JSU faculty in the following areas: biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering, computer science, ACT preparation, and communication skills. Grade specific science and mathematics activities are implemented based on appropriate depth of knowledge strands.  Students engage in hands-on inquiry- oriented activities to develop and expand problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, computer, and communication skills through application of scientific processes in real life situations.  Stipends of $250 are awarded at the end of each semester (fall, spring, summer) for participation in the Saturday Academy enrichment sessions. Lunch is provided.


Science Fair

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