Summer Immersion Program


The Summer Immersion Program (SIP) is devoted to preparing research projects for the Science and Engineering Fair. The focus of the 2-week SIP is to assist the cohort of 25 students from the Saturday Academy Program with designing and implementing research projects that must be presented at the MS Science and Engineering Fair. This activity brings about the integration of several STEM disciplines to address critical research questions of relevance to the DoD mission. Each of the 25 DoD Fellows is assigned to work with his/her teacher to develop a research implementation plan that includes literature search, gap identification, and formulation of a statement of the problem to be addressed, the research hypothesis to be tested, the research goal and specific aims, the research design and methods (approach) to be used, data collection, analysis, evaluation and interpretation of experimental results. The DoD Fellows will receive a $250.00 for full participation in the two week program and lunch is provided.