Computer Science Faculty


Name Phone Office Email Address
Willie Brown, Associate Professor 601-979-4300 JAP 221B
Frances Chevonne Dancer, Assistant Professor 601-979-8252 JAP 220G
Sungbum Hong, Associate Professor 601-979-5838 JAP 330
Ali Abu-El Humos, Associate Professor 601-979-3319 JAP 220C
Jacqueline Jackson, Associate Professor 601-979-3320 JAP 220D
Hyunju Kim, Associate Professor 601-979-3662 JAP 220B
Xuejun Liang, Associate Professor 601-979-1274 JAP 307
Natarajan Meghanathan, Professor 601-979-3661 JAP 115
Loretta A. Moore, Professor and VP for Research & Federal Relations 601-979-0552 Adm Tower
Godwin Offiah, Assistant Professor 601-979-3460 JAP 220A
Tzusheng Pei, Assistant Professor 601-979-8252 JAP 220G
April Tanner, Assistant Professor 601-979-3302 JAP 220E
Jessie Walker,  Professor and Chair 601-979-2059 JAP 237