Master of Science in Computer Science

The Masters program in computer science at Jackson State University is currently evolving to meet the needs of the diverse population in the surrounding urban area.

Program Educational Objectives

The objectives of the Department of Computer Science are:

• To afford students the opportunity for in-depth study of Computer science concepts and theories.

• To keep abreast of, and expose students to, state-of-the-art, as well as state-of-the-practice, computer applications and technologies.

• To engage faculty and students in meaningful computer science research, and computer science applications research and development.

• To promote professional development and growth of students and faculty.

Student Outcomes

The curriculum can be geared to:

• Provide training for those preparing to enter fields where a substantial working knowledge of computers is required.

• Provide additional training to people already working in the field, and/or

• Demonstrate professional competency in oral and written communication.

• Prepare students for study at the doctoral level.


Graduate Pre-Requisites