Faculty Mentors

Faculty Mentors 2015-2016

Undergraduate Studies & CyberLearning

Faculty Mentor                          Research Topic
Shirley Burnett                           Best Practices in Teaching Developmental Mathematics

College of Business

Faculty Mentor                         Research Topic
Saundra McFarland                    Best Practices in Online Learning:  A Student’s Perspective

College of Education and Human Development

Faculty Mentor                         Research Topic
Tracey Bell-Jernigan                  Perceptions of Studying Abroad Through the Lens of HBCU Students:  
                                                the Preparation, Motivation, and Hesitation

Kathy Bryant                            Technology Integration at an HBCU:  Using iPads  for Field Experience

Stephanie Davidson-Herndon      Developing emotional competence in young children 
                                                through the use of bibliotherapy 

Regina Fults-McMurtery            Perceptions of Clinical Competence Among Counseling Students in 
                                               addressing the Mental Health Issues of Elderly Minority Groups

Alfonzo Haralson                      Student’s Perspective on Traditional Learning vs Online Learning 
                                               from a socioeconomic standpoint

Lakitta Johnson                        Counseling Trainee’s Perception of Internship Experiences

Evornia Kincaid                        Passing Praxis:  Fear or Procrastination

Tony Latiker                            A Study of Factors Impacting African American Male College Students’ 
                                              Academic Success in the Field of Education

Tabitha Otieno                        Effects of test anxiety on college students’ academic performance

College of Liberal Arts

Faculty Mentor                    Research Topic
Ceron Bryant                         41 Shots to Fruitvale Station:  Street Violence and Protest Utterances

Everett Neasman                  “William Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens:  Gift-giving and Reciprocity among 
                                           Jackson State University Students

Byron Orey                           Physiological Responses to Racially Traumatic Stressful Events

Jacqueline Reese-Smith        Jackson Students Improving Physical Health (JSIPH)

Monica Flippin Winn              Relevancy of Historically Black Colleges and depictions in the media

College of Public Service

Faculty Mentor                  Research Topic
Derick Echols                     Parental influences and involvement on college choice and persistence 
                                          for first-generation African-American Males

Moe Chowdhury                   Market-based Waste Audit for Recycling and Waste Management at JSU  

Kristie Lipford                      The Association of Agricultural Literacy and Fruit and Vegetable Consumption
                                          among Mississippi College Students

College of Science, Engineering & Technology

Faculty Mentor                   Research Topic

Ali Abu El Humos                Developing an Android App to Control a Boe-Bot Robot

Samuel Dasary                   Chemistry and Biochemistry
Lin Li                                  Innovative GeoMaterials for Highway Construction

Mohammad Khan                Building an Electronic System for Life Detection in a Disaster

Julie Saloni                       Computational Study on the Monomer Self-Assembly:  A Crucial Part of the 
                                        Molecular Imprinting Process
Hui-Ru Shih                       Virtual Simulation for Nuclear Emergency Response

Jana Talley                        Mathematics and Statistical Science

Francis Tuluri                     A Study of Environmental Quality for Strong Radiation Using a Versatile 
                                        Smartphone-based online Monitoring

Shan Yang                        Raman Spectroscopy of Urinary Stones

Clement Yedjou                Topic # 1: Preclinical Assessment of Vernonia Amygdalina in the 
                                       Treatment of Breast Cancer Topic
                                       # 2: Preclinical Assessment of Garlic Extract in the Treatment of 
                                       Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia