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Jackson State University business degree programs are accredited by the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).   Accreditation means that JSU’s business and accounting programs are characterized by quality, rigor, and relevance.

The Program Objective

The online general Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program enables working adults to earn a quality education while still maintaining their commitments to family and work.

The Degree

This accelerated 30-credit hour curriculum is delivered over five, eight-week terms during 12 months. Students are expected to complete two courses (six credit hours) during each eight-week term.   Students who do not have an undergraduate foundation in business must complete a 33-credit hour curriculum*.  (See Admissions below.)


The applicant must provide a complete application packet, to be considered for admission.  The application packet includes the following:

  • Two official transcripts from all prior colleges/universities (Cumulative GPA of 2.50/4.00 or above)
  • A bachelor’s degree* from an accredited college/university.
  • Official copy of GMAT or GRE scores (taken within the last five years)
  • A composite score of 950 (Undergraduate GPA x 200 + GMAT=950).  If a GRE score is submitted, it will be converted to a GMAT score in order to calculate the composite score.
  • Official TOEFL scores (international applicants only)
  • A professional experience resume

*A bachelor’s degree in business is not required; however, students with a bachelor’s degree in business generally have met the undergraduate prerequisites required for the MBA program.   Students without an undergraduate foundation in business must complete a 3 credit course, GB 500 (Business Principles), which serves as a comprehensive introduction to the MBA curriculum.

GMAT Prep Resources

There are numerous online, no cost, Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) resources to assist students with test preparation.   Following are links to some of those websites; however, students are encouraged to identify and participate in other test prep opportunities, which may include face-to-face or online sessions for a fee.  or 

The GMAT is the preferred exam for students who must submit a recent exam score, which is less than five years old.    A Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score less than five years old may be submitted in lieu of the GMAT score.   Test prep resources for the GRE should also be identified and used by the student.

The Curriculum

Students admitted to the online MBA program will take courses from the following list:

GB 500 Business Principles*
MNGT 502 Human Relations and Organizational Behavior
ACC 545 Financial Statement Analysis
MKT 530 Managerial Marketing
ACC 540 Managerial Accounting
FIN 547 Investments
FIN 515 Managerial Finance
ECO 530 Managerial Economics
MNGT 516 Statistics for Business Decisions
MNGT 520 Advanced Production and Operations
MNGT 560 Seminar in Business Policy


Scholastic Requirements

Students enrolled in the online MBA must comply with the following:

  • Complete and pass the Graduate English Competency Examination (GECE) during the first semester (i.e., during the first two eight week terms) of graduate studies.
  • Maintain a minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA in required MBA courses and overall.


A student’s inability to comply with these requirements will result in a loss of academic credit applied to degree requirements, academic probation, required registration in additional prescribed courses, or failure to meet graduation requirements.   The student’s academic advisor will review each student’s performance and advise the student appropriately.

Program Cost

The cost of the JSU online MBA is $650/credit hour (for a total cost of $19,500 for 30 credit hours).   The total cost of the 33-credit hour curriculum for students without an undergraduate foundation in business is $21,450.

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