The JSU Domed Venue

The Dome

Dr. Carolyn Meyers’ edict to the Jackson State University community is to “think big,” and one of her dreams is to build a stadium on campus that will not only impact the university, but the entire city and state. JSU is pleased to announce plans for a new domed stadium.

The university envisions that it will use the stadium 45 nights a year, and the facility will be used an additional 100 nights to showcase major concerts, events, championships and the many events that bypass Jackson because there currently isn’t a venue large enough accommodate them. The design is based upon Syracuse University’s Carrier Dome, which is used for football, basketball and other events. JSU’s stadium will seat 50,000 people, which will make its domed stadium the largest collegiate stadium in the nation.

The stadium could be completed through a public/private partnership involving multiple entities. Funding has been explored, and a plan is ready for implementation.

The project's economic impact – tied to the potential of the medical corridor – could be the largest in Jackson's history, with more than a half billion dollars being spent in direct costs for construction alone.

Vision: The stadium maximizes opportunities within the area’s Vision2020 plan as it meets the six key factors: Perceptions, Equity, Inspiration, Support, Systems and Innovation.

Costs: The project's projected cost is $200 million.

Financing Options: More than $300 million in various options to finance the plan have been identified.

Descriptions of options located on the second page.

Stadium Highlights:

The stadium is designed for football, basketball, concerts and special events. Seating is 50,000 for football, 17,000 for basketball and 21,000 for concerts. It will include 75 sky boxes for rental. JSU's Sports Hall of Fame will be housed on the first floor. The design includes 4,500 parking spaces. Another 2,000 are located in garages downtown where shuttle buses can help on big game days.

Site Location: Four potential sites have been selected near or adjacent to the campus.

Land Acquisition: Currently, JSU and its Development Foundation control 30 percent of the land needed in the preferred site.



The Brookwood Group, headed by George Heery, is a developer that JSU has partnered with to create the initial designs and cost estimates. Over the years, Mr. Heery’s firms have built more 120 stadiums, including the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, N.Y.

SMG, the largest sports marketing firm in the world, is interested in supporting the sponsorship component of the stadium and they have a stadium management component that is providing potential operating expense projections.

Organizational Structure:

All funding would flow through the EBC and or the JSUDF. Management of the facility would be outsourced to a professional firm. An oversight committee could be created involving state legislators, city and county officials, JSUDF officials and community members.