Thematic Areas & Distinctive Capabilities

The ECSC has created an integrated approach for fulfilling its mission. We have established a framework for assisting management decisions by organizing the Center’s programs around five thematic areas that demonstrate our unique capabilities to meet the needs of stakeholders in the coastal environmental community. The thematic areas are:

  1. Integrated Assessment in Support of Environmental Decision Making

  2. Integrated Social Sciences

  3. Ecological Processes and Indicators of Ecosystem Health

  4. Geospatial Analyses and Data Development

  5. Education and Outreach

Each thematic area has a unique set of objectives and strategies that address the requirements of its primary goal. However, each area must ensure synergy with and support of the ECSC common goals as well as the strategies of the other thematic areas. Each thematic area has distinctive capabilities in areas of personnel, research, education and outreach programs, and relationships/partnerships.