Kathi R. Griffin


Director, Richard Wright Center for Writing, Rhetoric, and Research 
Instructor of English

Richard Wright Center for Writing, Rhetoric, and Research 
H. T. Sampson Library, 1st Floor

Phone: (601) 979-0989
Email: kathi.r.griffin@jsums.edu
Website: www.jsums.edu/wrightcenter/



Degrees/Subject Areas/Institutions:
Ph.D.   Teaching and Learning, University of Iowa
Dissertation: Fundamental Divide: Competing Literacies in the Composition Classroom
M.A.T. English Education, Secondary Education, University of Iowa
B.A.    English, with distinction, University of Iowa

Specialty Areas:
Writing Center Theory and Pedagogy
Transitioning to college writing
Grammar and style
Portfolios and assessment
Irish author George Moore

Courses Taught at JSU:
    •    ENG 104 and 105: Composition I and II
    •    ENG 205: World Literature
    •    ENG 218: Advanced Composition
    •    HON 110: Peer-tutoring in a Global Context 
    •    Summer: ESL Institute Workshops

Research Interests: 
Composition and writing center theory and practice
Literacy issues
Issues in tutor training
Transitioning to college writing
Writing/speaking connection

Under review: The Burden of Quantification: A Study of Rhetorical Awareness in Student Language at an HBCU, with Tatiana Glushko and Daoying Liu.
2016 “Caught Between the Promise and the Past: A View from the Writing Center.” Composition Studies 44.2: 167-171, with Tatiana Glushko.
2014 Book chapter, by invitation: “Esther Waters as Parody: Naturalism, Victorian Morality, and the ‘Bulges’ of Human Nature.” In George Moore and the Quirks of Human Nature. Eds. M. Pierse and M. E. Jaime de Pablos. Oxford, UK: Peter Lang.
2012 Book review: History and Women, Culture and Faith: Selected Writings of Elizabeth Fox-Genovese. Volume 2. Ghosts and Memories: White and Black Southern Women’s Lives and Writings. Eds. K. Mack-Shelton and C. B. Lake. Journal of Mississippi History. Summer.
2012 Book review: Transformed: A White Mississippi Pastor’s Journey into Civil Rights and Beyond. By William G. McAtee. Journal of Mississippi History. Spring.
2010 “Learning to Teach Writing From My Peer Tutors: A Shift in Authority.” Southern Discourse 13.2: 3-11. 
2006 “Becoming Mindful of the Absent Professor: Teacher/Tutor Relationships at a Small College,” with three peer tutors. Writing Lab Newsletter 30.5: 13-16.
2005 “The Birth of the Mississippi Writing Center Association 2000-2005.” Southern Discourse 9.1: 5. < http://www.iwca-swca.org/SDv09i01Fall05.pdf>
1995 "Theory and Practice in the Speaking Lab: Speech Assignments and Rhetorical Assumptions." Iowa Journal of Communication, fall, with Dr. Takis Poulakos, et al.

2016    Third International Conference on ESP/EAP/EMI in the Context of Higher Education Internalization, with The National University of Science and Technology, the British Council Russia, and the Association of “Global Universities,” Moscow, Russia: “Finding Points of Connection Between Writing Centers in Russia and the U.S.,” with Tatiana Glushko via Skype
2016    College Composition and Communication: “Civil Discourse and the Writing Center: Code-Meshing, Euphemizing, and Troubling Correctness,” with Tatiana Glushko    
2016    Transitioning to College Writing Symposium: “The Double-Bind of Feedback,” with Tatiana Glushko
2015    Mississippi Writing Center Association: “Searching for Evidence of ‘Effectiveness’: A Discourse Analysis of Post-tutorial Writers' Language,” with Tatiana Glushko     
2014    American Conference for Irish Studies/Canadian Association for Irish Studies: Dublin,
Ireland: “Esther Waters: Ironically More French than English”             
2014    Transitioning to College Writing Symposium: “The Academic Argument”         
2013    Transitioning to College Writing Symposium: “Teaching Disengaged Students Where They Are”
2013    Mississippi Writing Center Association: “Writing Center Assessment”
2015    Two-Year College Association of Mississippi: “Writing as Learning” 

University Assessment Team

Professional Memberships: 
Mississippi Writing Centers Association (MSWCA), Treasurer
Transitioning to College Writing, Planning Team
Southeastern Writing Centers Association (SWCA) 
International Writing Centers Association (IWCA)
National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and
 College Composition and Communication (CCC)