Departmental Overview

The Department of Entrepreneurship and Professional Development, formerly Business Education and Administrative Services for 36 years, received a name change in 2005 as a result of the University’s 2020 Strategic Plan. Currently, the Department is chaired by Dr. Mary M. White and is comprised of eight faculty/staff personnel whose main goal is to educate, enhance and empower entrepreneurs of the future. Further, the expertise of four doctoral teaching assistants is utilized for providing instruction in both professional development and entrepreneurship courses.

The Department has offered courses in entrepreneurship since 1995, maintaining strong linkages in Mississippi’s small business community and continuing partnerships/collaborations with the Coleman, Kauffman, and Hearin foundations in support of entrepreneurial awareness, program development, faculty development, innovation and student scholarships. The new major in Entrepreneurship was approved by the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) in 2005, that allows students to earn the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Entrepreneurship. The degree is comprised of a total of 121 semester hours.

The Entrepreneurship Program offers a unique, practical, and stimulating major in Entrepreneurship that is designed to nurture the development of personal and professional attributes entrepreneurs must possess to succeed–whether a student intends to start a new business or work in an entrepreneurial capacity within an existing company or corporation.

Mission Statement


Our Mission is to educate, encourage, and support students in understanding how to successfully implement and operate new business ventures in an effort to advance their careers. The Department supports both the mission of Jackson State University and the College of Business. Further it accomplishes its mission by:

  • Providing students with the necessary tool for careers in the entrepreneurial enterprises.
  • Providing valuable information, ideas, concepts and skills to students and area enterprises.
  • Focusing on developing entrepreneurial and professional competencies that broaden research and analytical ability.
  • Responding to the nation’s demands for an increased entrepreneurial workforce.
  • Increasing opportunities for students to achieve personal and professional objectives of earning a degree in entrepreneurship.