Dr. Donald Causey

Assistant Professor and Entrepreneur
601-979-3326 –Vita
COB Bldg., Office 317

BIOGRAPHY – Donald Causey, PhD

Dr. Donald Causey is an assistant professor of entrepreneurship at Jackson State University where he completed a Ph.D. in Business Administration with a major in Economics and also a post doctorate in Entrepreneurship at the University of Florida–Gainesville. In addition to teaching courses at Jackson State such as Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, Introduction to Business and Foundations of Entrepreneurship, Dr. Causey has also taught courses in Finance, Economics and Operations Management at Mississippi College. His research interests include seed capital for small businesses, small business finance and risk management. He began his career in the field of chemical engineering as a quality engineer and manufacturing liaison for Eastman Chemical Company. In 1986, he started an independent insurance firm, and began his career as a serial entrepreneur. This business continues to exist as an independent marketing unit of State Farm Insurance Company. His other enterprises include real estate investment and construction known as Classic Homes and Strictly Hair, a small independently owned cosmetology firm. His current entrepreneurial interests are in developing entrepreneurship and franchising centers. He would also like to develop a small business incubator and assist in the further growth and expansion of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Professional Development.