Professional Development

Professional Development Component

All business students are required to complete three courses in our Professional Development Component: UNIV 101 (2 CR), University Success for Business Majors, BPD 200 (3 CR), Introduction to Business and BPD 325W (3 CR), Business Communications. These courses are offered through the Department of Entrepreneurship and Professional Development.

The decision to attend college is one of the major decisions that a student will make as a young adult. With this decision, the student will be postponing entering the workforce for four or more years so that a college education can be obtained. It is the goal of the College of Business to ensure that all business majors acquire the competencies and skills necessary to successfully enter the work environment or pursue advanced studies to achieve their desired career goals.

An integrated approach to training will be used throughout each course to interrelate practical learning and behaviors as they are applied in a work environment, particularly in the corporate environment and small business. Students will be provided opportunities to fully utilize the College’s instructional and computing resources to research current literature, problems, issues, and trends in business. Also, students will be required to participate in the following kinds of activities: critical thinking, decision making, planning, writing, developing business and marketing plans and enhancing college survival skills. Students are expected to enhance their learning and college experiences through participation in various seminar and/or workshop situations and executive lecture forums.

Professional Development Objectives

•    To improve students practice of oral communication through impromptu, extemporaneous and team presentations.
•    To enhance etiquette and success skills during a virtual interview (Perfect Interview software) and through electronic portfolio development.
•    To increase knowledge base in writing and business document preparation (letters, memoranda, reports, electronic communication, etc.).
•    To improve research and test-taking skills utilizing various instructional resources in business (GMAT preparation, Business II Exam).

First Year Experience–Professional Development
At the freshman level, a series of new and real demands and expectations are placed on the student by the college community. The demands and expectations each student will encounter ranges from choosing a major to receiving guidance from his/her academic advisor. The student will be expected to set goals, establish relationships, participate in extracurricular activities, develop appropriate study habits, engage in effective time management, enhance decision-making skills, and manage resources effectively. The Department works closely with the University College division to ensure the success of the student’s first-year experience.

UNIV 101 (2) University for Success for Business Majors. This course is designed to assist first-year students in their adjustment to college life and in exploring career options. Students are introduced to professional development requirements including portfolio development. In addition, library and computer orientation sessions are scheduled and conducted by library personnel. Students are required to attend special clinics, lectures, and Freshman Development workshops. Also, they participate in Service Learning activities for college credit. Professional dress is required. (F, S)

Introduction to Business and Business Communications

BPD 200 (3) Introduction to Business. Prerequisite: UNIV 101. This course is designed to introduce students to the basic concepts of business. Students receive instruction regarding the business environment, management of the enterprise, marketing management, accounting and financial management and business careers. Students refine their Business Portfolio and are required to attend special clinics, lectures, and Professional Development workshops.  Professional dress is required. (F, S)

BPD 325W (3) Business Communications. Prerequisites: ENG 104, 105, 205, UNIV 101, BPD 200 and Junior standing. This course is designed to merge written, oral and nonverbal communication theory and applications. Strong emphasis will be given to leadership theory and development content, organization, presentation, networking, problem-solving and decision-making skills. Students are provided opportunities to participate in mentoring activities. Mandatory attendance at executive lecture forums and special writing/speaking clinics. Students must actively participate in at least one business student organization and complete Business II and/or GMAT test preparation exercises. The Business Portfolio must be completed for this course. Professional dress is required. (F, S)