Executive PhD in Urban Higher Education

Fran Bridges, Ph.D.


Fran Bridges, Ph.D.
Assistant Director
EPhD in Urban Higher Education

1230 Raymond Road, Box 2000
Jackson, MS 39204
JSU Box 17209
Jackson, MS 39217
(601) 979-1811 (office)
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Fran Bridges is the Assistant Director of the Executive Ph.D. Program and the Jake Ayers Institute for Research in Urban Higher Education. She earned the B. S., M.B.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Jackson State University and is licensed by the State of Mississippi with a 4A certification in school leadership. With more than 15 years of combined community development and higher education experience, Bridges has been able to cultivate and forge partnerships between community service organizations throughout Mississippi’s urban arenas and beyond. Dr. Bridges has conducted research on the role of K-12 leadership in fostering parental engagement and is currently involved with the role of higher education in fostering a PK-20 seamless education continuum. Her multiple research interests also include increasing the representation of minorities in STEM disciplines and culturally responsive teaching and learning.