Welcome to the Epidemiology and Biostatistics Program, in the School of Health Sciences, College of Public Service, at Jackson State University, where you will find a cadre of distinguished faculty, technicians, and staff ready to serve you and meet your academic and professional needs. We offer both the M.P.H. and the Dr.P.H. concentrations in Epidemiology and hope that you will join us and other students interested in the same academic pursuit as you do.

Our mission is to prepare you for the career(s) you decide to choose in public health, as an educator in an academic setting, a practitioner in private or public sector, a health advocate, a researcher, or an administrator. Rest assured that, through our enviable physical facilities, human resources, laboratories, centers of excellence in minority health, our various mural and extramural programs and activities, as well as the experiential learning opportunities we offer you at home and aboard, you will find our department friendly and exciting, where the most important aim is to assist you as you strive to reach your maximum potential and achieve your life-long aspirations.