Departmental Forms 

Direct Delivery Form

  • The Direct Delivery Form serves as authorization to pick up or accept direct delivery of items purchased or ordered. It is the responsibility of the department to return this form with appropriate documentation as soon as possible to Central Receiving.


Driver Authorization Form

  • All JSU employees planning to use a University vehicle must submit a Driver Authorization Form. This form must be submitted to the Transportation Manager each year.


Equipment Disposal Form

  • Any items to be removed or deleted from an employee and/or department's inventory must be listed on an Equipment Disposal Form for pick up. Items not included on this form will not be taken. Please note that a service request must also be completed via iService Desk.


Hand Receipt Form

  • This form can be used for temporary use/off-campus use of equipment, repair and everyday use of equipment. Complete this form any time equipment is removed from the department premises for any reason and for any length of time. It is only valid if completed in its entirety. The department is responsible for maintaining this form and providing a copy to Property Management Inventory.

Interdepartmental Property Transfer Form

  • This form is to be submitted when equipment is transferred from one University department to another. Please include all information. Signatures must be provided by both departments for the form to be valid and a copy must be provided to Property Management Inventory.


Renovation/Construction Project Request Form

  • University departments requesting minor renovations and/or additions to existing structures should complete this form and obtain the necessary approvals.