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Welcome to the Department of Facilities & Construction Management (FCM) online! It is our distinct pleasure to serve the JSU Family as we maintain existing and erect new state-of-the-art facilities campus wide. As we do our part to create “a campus of choice”, we continually set aggressive goals and objectives for each of our service units. We know customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Simply put, “we respond…and get the job done”. Therefore, in an effort to better serve you, we have committed significant resources to automating and streamlining our processes. Most changes will only be evident in faster response times and improved customer service. Others changes affect policy and the way we do business.

The Department of Facilities & Construction Management is only responsible for providing Institutional Services to Jackson State University. Institutional Services include those services for which funds have been appropriated through the normal budget process for operating and maintaining the general institutional facilities, buildings and grounds. Such services include lighting, heating, air conditioning, utilities, cleaning of buildings, trash disposal, care of grounds, maintenance and repair of buildings, building renovation, and transportation services. These services are rendered without charge to any department.

Buildings belonging to Auxiliary Services (i.e. Walter Payton, Residence Halls, Dining Services, and Athletics Facility) will be charged for all services, special services, routine repair and preventive maintenance performed. It is requested that each auxiliary set aside funds to cover the cost of maintaining its building. Invoices will be submitted at the end of each month with itemized listing of labor material charges incurred by FCM.

The Facility manager’s submission of a work order request on iService Desk will constitute approval to do repair work. Preventive Maintenance (PM) is required to maintain building systems’ proper operating conditions and will be done on a periodic basis. The Facility Manager will be given a summary report on all PM work performed and major repairs needed in the building. The report should include requisitions to purchase parts or contractual services to complete repairs. No major repairs or equipment replacements will occur until the funding is provided.

All services rendered by the Department of Facilities & Construction Management as a result of requests by departments or other entities, for the exclusive benefit of the requesting department are classified as non-institutional services. Included is the fabrication or installation of departmental equipment; operation, maintenance and repair of departmental equipment, supply of materials for departmental use, moving and hauling services, extension of utilities to accommodate departmental equipment, assembling and disassembling of stages for events, assembling and disassembling of athletic equipment and floors, providing maintenance or custodial personnel to support programs and events, providing out-of-town, after-hours and weekend transportation and the renovation or modification of offices.

These and other non-institutional services are to be paid for by the requesting department and organizations. No services will be rendered for non-institutional services unless funds to cover the costs are received ahead of time. Service requests must be submitted and funds transferred at least two (2) weeks prior to the date service are needed. Requests for renovations and modifications to offices must be submitted and funds made available at least six (6) months in advance. Thank you for your cooperation.

We look forward to serving each of you this fiscal year. For more information regarding our department, please feel free to contact us at 601.979.2522.