Facilities Services Responsibilities

Facilities Services vs. Departmental Responsibilities

Who Pays for What?

Facilities & Construction Management Responsibilities:

  • Provide Institutional Services for operating and maintaining the general institutional facilities
  • Maintenance and repair of existing lighting, heating, air conditioning, systems and equipment.
  • Grounds upkeep, planned custodial services, and transportation services
  • Payment of all basic utilities – gas, water and electric


Auxiliary Services Responsibilities:

  • All services, special services
  • Routine repair and preventative maintenance


Departmental Responsibilities:

  • All non-institutional services
  • All departmental requests for the exclusive benefit of the requesting department
  • Fabrication or installation of departmental equipment
  • Operation, maintenance and repair of departmental equipment
  • Extension of utilities to accommodate departmental equipment
  • Assembly and disassembling of stages for events or athletic equipment and floors
  • Maintenance or custodial personnel to support programs and events
  • Out-of-town, after-hours and weekend transportation
  • Renovation or modification of offices

Services provided as a convenience to the department that are not related to maintenance and repair activities as defined under Facilities & Construction Management Responsibilities