Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a work order or service request for my area?

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All requests for each building are submitted through iServiceDesk. Once you submit your request in real-time, you will receive an email confirmation. Next your request is forwarded to your facility manager who will approve the request and forward it to FCM. FCM will then generate a Work Order number and send you a second email notification to inform you the request has been approved and a work order number has been generated.


What is iServiceDesk (iSD)?

A web based system used by the Department of Facilities & Construction Management (FCM) to provide you with a user- friendly mechanism to submit service requests.

Who is my facility manager?

Each E & G building has a facility manager (or Community Director in the Residential Halls) who approves all building requests.

What is the status of my work order?

Each time the status of your work order changes (e.g. approved/denied, scheduled, completed, etc.), the requestor will receive an email. The requestor may also log into iServiceDesk periodically to see the current status.

It’s too cold or too hot in my area. What can I do?

FCM manages proper temperature control in all buildings in order to

  1. Maintain your comfort,
  2. Manage rising energy costs, and
  3. Leverage our current cooling and heating equipment. Thermostats are usually set to 68-72 year around.

How can I dispose of University property in my area?

You should first contact the Office of Information Management (OIM) at 979-4299 to complete a disposal form. If necessary, OIM will schedule FCM to remove the item.

May we cook on campus? If so, where?

Several areas on campus have been designated as cooking areas. Log into iServiceDesk and submit a request to reserve a location. The requestor is responsible for cleanup and fire safety equipment.

We have a new employee. How may we get door keys?

Submit a request through iServiceDesk. The department head will be responsible for completing the Key Request Form and forwarding the form to FCM.

I lost my key! How can I get another one?

Submit a request through iServiceDesk. The department will receive a charge to replace the key.

How do I obtain a proxi card?

All proxy card request should be submitted through iService Desk.

Will the building be ADA accessible?

All current and new facilities on campus will be ADA accessible.

Why can’t the shuttle deviate from its scheduled stops?

Presently, there are two shuttle routes on campus. Each shuttle makes scheduled stops along those routes and must stay on schedule to better serve you. Click here for more information on shuttle routes.

How may I request transportation or a university vehicle?

Submit a work order via iServiceDesk for your transportation request. Next submit a Vehicle Request form via fax to (601)979-2526. Be sure to include the request number from the work order.

Have you received my request for transportation?

Upon receipt of your vehicle request form, you will receive an email confirmation containing a work order number.

How much will my trip cost?

Trip costs are determined by destination. Once your vehicle request form has been approved a cost estimate will be sent to you.

Where can I pick up/drop off the vehicle I requested?

During regular business hours ( 8:00 – 5:00 PM ), vehicles may be picked up or dropped off at FCM. After hours, vehicles will be picked up or dropped off at Campus Police.

Do I get a gas card with my vehicle rental?

If your department is willing to prepay fuel costs, you will receive a gas card.

I missed my wash/preventative maintenance(pm) date! What do I do?

Each department has received pm schedule to service their respective vehicle. Due to high demand for vehicle services, you will need to wait until your next scheduled appointment or submit a request for a new date.

When will you clean my office or shampoo the carpet in my area? When does FCM strip/wax conference rooms, labs, offices, and classrooms?

All accessible offices are cleaned on a daily basis.

Special cleaning services such as carpeting cleaning, waxing, are performed periodically. Click here for schedule of special cleaning services.

May we get extra supplies to keep on hand in our department?

No, Custodians assigned to each building manage supplies on a daily basis. They also meet with your facility manager on a routine basis. Please contact your facility manager to request cleaning supplies.

What is the cutting/trimming schedule for my building?

FCM is responsible for all cutting and trimming campus wide. Click here to see a schedule.

How may I get new plants for my area?

Submit a work order request via iServiceDesk. A Site Care representative will assess the need and provide an invoice to your department.

How do I request services for my events?

Once your event has been approved through the University’s event process, submit a work order request through iServiceDesk or see your facility manager.

How do I reserve/rent a facility for a meeting/event?

Please contact the Office of Accountability or submit a request online at (see QuickLinks).

I reserved my event. How can I get tables?

FCM does not supply tables for events. Please contact the Office of Accountability & Coordination.

How do I make a payment for my event?

Please contact the Office of Accountability & Coordination

How do I reserve a sound system?

All requests for event services/equipment should be submitted through iServiceDesk.