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Frequently Asked Question’s

How do I submit a work order or service request for my area?

All requests for each building are submitted through iServiceDesk. Once you submit your request in real-time, you will receive an email confirmation. Next your request is forwarded to your facility manager who will approve the request and forward it to FCM. FCM will then generate a Work Order number and send you a second email notification to inform you the request has been approved and a work order number has been generated.

What is iServiceDesk (iSD)?

A web based system used by the Department of Facilities & Construction Management (FCM) to provide you with a user- friendly mechanism to submit service requests.

Who is my facility manager?

Each E & G building has a facility manager (or Community Director in the Residential Halls) who approves all building requests.

What is the status of my work order?

Each time the status of your work order changes (e.g. approved/denied, scheduled, completed, etc.), the requestor will receive an email. The requestor may also log into iServiceDesk periodically to see the current status.