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  • All Key Request Forms must be signed by an authorized member of your department to be valid. Authorized members are individuals whose names appear on the Key Request Form as designated by your department. Invalid forms will be returned to the originating department.
  • Requests for lost or stolen keys/access cards must be accompanied by a Work Order.  A charge of $5.00 per item will be assessed. If the lost or stolen key was a master, please contact Facilities & Construction Management (FCM) immediately. Your department may be responsible for funding the re-key of the affected area or facility.
  • Unwanted, obsolete keys, keys from transferring, or terminating employees should be returned to FCM. This will end your department's responsibility for them.
  • Duplicating or replacing keys through an outside agency, company, or private business other than JSU is prohibited unless authorized by FCM. Violations will be reported to the appropriate authorities. The duplication or possession of any unauthorized university key is considered a misdemeanor.



Key Form

This form is intended for printing purposes only. It cannot be submitted over the Web because an original signature from the Dean, Director, Department Head or Facility Manager is required. In accordance with the published Key Policy, a Work Order must be on-file for each department on campus. This form will allow us to compare the signatures of authorized department representatives with those appearing on the Key Requests Form as a means of security for our customers. Keys will be made only for the authorized individuals asdesignated by the department head.

Note: New cards must be submitted to Work Control Center as changes occur to those designated as authorized representatives in your department. Please contact the Work Control Center at 601.979.2522.