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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t the shuttle deviate from its scheduled stops?

Presently, there are two shuttle routes on campus. Each shuttle makes scheduled stops along those routes and must stay on schedule to better serve you. Click here for more information on shuttle routes.

 How may I request transportation or a university vehicle?

Submit a work order via iServiceDesk for your transportation request. Next submit a Vehicle Request form via fax to (601)979-2526. Be sure to include the request number from the work order.

  Have you received my request for transportation?

Upon receipt of your vehicle request form, you will receive an email confirmation containing a work order number.

  How much will my trip cost?

Trip costs are determined by destination. Once your vehicle request form has been approved a cost estimate will be sent to you.

  Where can I pick up/drop off the vehicle I requested?

During regular business hours ( 8:00 – 5:00 PM ), vehicles may be picked up or dropped off at FCM. After hours, vehicles will be picked up or dropped off at Campus Police.

Do I get a gas card with my vehicle rental?

If your department is willing to prepay fuel costs, you will receive a gas card.

 I missed my wash/preventative maintenance (pm) date! What do I do?

Each department has received pm schedule to service their respective vehicle. Due to high demand for vehicle services, you will need to wait until your next scheduled appointment or submit a request for a new date.

How do I obtain a proxi card?

All proxy card requests should be submitted through iService Desk.