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The unit maintains the aesthetics of over 160 acres of landscaped areas throughout campus.  The unit follows industry guidelines for the maintenance of turf, trees, shrubs, and floral plantings (see Appendix A).

Normal routine activities include the following:

Turf Care
Grass mowed as needed, generally on a weekly basis.  Aeration as required but no more than two times per year.  Annual over-seeding of fescue and/or perennial rye grass applied.  Weed control practiced when weeds present a visible problem or when weeds represent more than 5 percent of the turf surface.

Tree Care

Specimen trees on campus are monitored for structural integrity.  A fertilization program prescribed by a Certified Arborist is followed.  Any dead wood or hazardous limbs are removed when identified.


Adequate fertilizer is applied to ensure all plant materials are healthy and growing vigorously. Amounts depend on species, length of growing season, soils, and rainfall.  FCM uses only environmentally approved products.


Frequency of use is determined by rainfall amounts, temperature, season and demands of plant material.  Could we use underground cisterns to catch rain runoff to use for irrigation?

Litter Control

FCM staff walks the campus to pick up litter a minimum of once per day, six days a week.


Usually done once per season unless species planted dictates more frequent attention.

Disease and Insect Control

Integrated Plant Pest Management practices are followed.

Floral Plantings

Seasonal color is maintained year-round with two major plantings per year.

Nursery Stock

As a cost control measure, FCM maintains an onsite greenhouse.  FCM also maintains an on-campus greenhouse for certain potted and bedding plants.

Billable services include:

  • Landscape/room enhancements
  • Special event support




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