Mark Making: Kira Cummings Exhibition

Show runs May 12 – May 28, 2016
Come see works from this multi-talented/multi-medium artist. View works that range from oil paintings, wood burnings, and wire sculpture.

1100 Lynch Street, Suite 4
Jackson, Mississippi 39203

601.960.9250 or 601.960.7551

Gallery Hours:
Monday – Friday,
8:30am until 5:00pm
Saturday: By appointment

New interview video with Chrissy Walter, George Clinton's Publicist(daughter).  

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Gallery1 at Jackson State University serves as a cultural meeting place where Art educates and enlightens the community and beyond. We strive to provide viewers with a multimedia experience when viewing works of Art.  The gallery is equipped with a projector and a 15 foot tall wall to screen videos, which is also a part of the multimedia experience we provide to our viewers. The incorporation of technology is a key component to prepare our students for the global world in the 21st century.  We aim to enhance and support academic life on campus and the community at large. Gallery1 is Mississippi’s premier Art Gallery showcasing works by Artists not only from African descent but also all Artist in our community, nationally, and internationally. The gallery emphasizes the artistic accomplishments of Jackson State University by showcasing works of Art from JSU's diverse collection along with various featured aritsts with works avaliable for purchase. For more information on works for sale, please stop by or contact at

Gallery1 also serves as a venue for special events, meetings, and performances. To book your next event, please call or email for availability and rates. 

Located at One University Place, on the historic John Roy Lynch Street corridor, Gallery1 brings enrichment, heritage, culture, and creativity to Jackson State University's campus and surrounding areas.

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