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Black History: A month of celebrations and awareness of social justice in Art.

This exhibition will kick-off with works from Nelson Mandela.  We have local artists whose work with also feature the same theme of promoting Social Justice.  Please look for emails for dates to be announced and artists to be announced.


After former President Mandela was imprisoned from Robben Island, he revisited the prison. Then painted various areas such as his prison cell and guard tower on Robben Island where he was confined for 18. He was in prison for a total of 27 years.  In May 2002, he began a series of sketches with the subject Robben Island. In the company of a skilled photographer, Grant Warren, he revisited the island, scene of some of his most painful years with its cruel repressive regime. Images of his cell, Table Mountain from the beach, the lighthouse, church, quarry, guard towers and many other scenes were photographed.  At his home, under the watchful eye of his Art Teacher Varenka Paschke, a young South African artist, he quickly adapted from being a world leader to a budding artist. Nelson Mandela completed over 20 sketches that include images he found meaningful, both symbolically and emotionally, during the period of his incarceration on the island. He signed around 400 lithographs from the first series. He shared many wonderful stories about his life experiences and his thoughts on current events. He spoke enthusiastically about his Art and that he loved to draw, joking that when he retired he wanted to become a full time artist.