Johnson Hall Gallery Department of Art
1400 JR Lynch Street
Jackson, Mississippi 39217
601.979.0879 or 601.960.9250

Gallery Hours:
Monday – Friday,
8:30am until 5:00pm

Kids Count Exhibition (K-12 Summer Camp Artwork)

This is a colorful fun filled exhibition that displays the work from Gallery1's summer youth Art Camp for the entire month of July.  View works from over 120 students. Come see what Youth Artists created during the Gallery1 Art Camp.  Bring family and friends to share and celebrate this exhibition!


We also provide the following Summer Art Camps. 

Art in Action Camp

Art In Action/2nd-6th grade Art Camp: A mixed medium camp where students will create in a fun and educational enviroment.  There will be a final exhibition at the end of the camp to display students' work.  Artwork will be on display for a month.                                                







sewing class

Say it Isn't So…. I will Learn how to sew/7th-12th Art Camp: Students will learn how to sew, market, and sell their product they make online.  There will be a final exhibition for parents/guardians.                                                                                                          







Visits are free for schools and groups, please call for an appointment.