JSU Art Galleries

Johnson Hall Gallery Department of Art
1400 JR Lynch Street
Jackson, Mississippi 39217
9:00a – 5:00p

JSU Downtown Center
101 W. Capitol Street
Jackson, MS 39201
9:00a – 5:00p

College of Liberal Art Gallery:
Dollye M.E. Robinson Liberal Arts Building
1400 JR Lynch Street
9:00a – 5:00p

Undergraduate Students

Intergrating Arts Across the Disciplines is committed to introducing and incorporating art through a multi-disciplinary approach by creating exhibitions, programs, and workships. Every event provides students with an opportunity to exhibit, curate, and create marketing for the exhibition.  This affords students with chances to receive service learning, receive management skills, and build their resumes/portfolios/reels.  We provide programming outside gallery walls by creating events and workshops such as the JSU Art Spot and the JSU Art Institute. In addition, we also provide teaching resources in the arts in order to enrich our community at JSU and beyond. We manage four galleries Johnson Hall (Art Department Building), JSU Downtown Center, Music Department, and the College of Liberal Arts. Our mission is simple, Exposure + Experience = Lifelong Learning.

Service Learning: Students of multiple disciplines are provided with opportunities to gain and expand hands-on knowledge in their field.  For example, Graphic Design students work to create marketing material, which is used to build their portfolio and resumes.  Studio art students assist with curating exhibitions.  Mass Communication students can also assist with marketing by producing or directing video footage, which can be used for their reel. All students have the opportunity to submit work in the exhibitions, build portfolios, build resumes, and add to their reels.   












Leadership Skills: Some students are promoted to Gallery Managers, which provides them with the opportunity to receive management skills and training.  Management opportunities provide them with a better understanding regarding details of gallery operations.  


Resume/Portfolio/Reel Building: We are preparing students now for after they graduate.  We are working to break down gallery walls and presenting students with gallery experience, networking opportunities, and exposure into the world of art and beyond regardless of the students' major.  Every time students gain more knowledge or take on a new responsibility, it is added to their resume.  Promotional material, whether is designed by a Graphic Design student or written by an English students adds to their portfolio.  Video footage of an event or video footage for promotional purposes contributes to a Mass Communication student's reel.  We are breaking down gallery walls to build our students up now! 

Pictured below are JSU students exhibiting their work at the MS Musuem of Art Patrick Kelly inspired exhibition. The first time JSU Department of Art students and exclusely showcased their art at MS Museum of Art. Special Thanks to Director Betsy Bradley and her team!













JSU Community Service Credit:  Students can also receive Community Service credit.  We believe assisting students with their developmental growth in the Arts.  For more information regarding Jackson State University Community Service hours please contact,







Internship Hours:  In addition, Art Department students can receive Internship hours, please contact Professor Mumford, for more details.