JSU 2017 PTTW Video Contest



1st Place: $1500

2nd Place: $1000

3rd Place: $500


Your study abroad experience will be life changing. Make sure and capture this moment with plenty of video. JSU Global is hosting the JSU Passport To The World Video Competition. The competition starts June 6, 2017 at 12:01am and ends June 30, 2017. All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. July 14, 2017.


Who May Enter?

The competition is ONLY open to students who are traveling with and participating in JSU Passport To The World. Both undergraduate and graduate students may participate.


How To Enter?

Each participant can only enter one video. The video should not exceed three minutes and should be uploaded to a private  or unlisted Youtube page. A link to the page should be included in the video competition application. All participants should complete an online application here.


The video should be produced by you and convey your study abroad experience. The video should capture the culture, atmosphere, landscape, people, wildlife, everyday life, activities, foods, people and places unique to your city or of your experience. An exceptional video will combine all elements to evoke emotion in the viewer. Video resolution must be at least 720p.



  • The video must follow the duration requirements listed above (1-3 minutes for full-length) and follow one of the prompts.

  • Completed work must be uploaded to a private or unlisted Youtube station.

  • An entry form and waiver for each person featured must be included in the video submission.

  • Any video that incorporates the JSU Global logo, facilities and/or staff cannot be used for any other purpose than a submission to the JSU PPTW Video Contest.

  • All submissions will become the property of ISA and may be featured on the website or in marketing material.

  • Video submissions cannot be featured in any other promotional campaign.

  • The video cannot be publicly displayed through any means and cannot violate privacy, publicity or intellectual property rights.

  • The video cannot contain any inappropriate behavior, unlawful activity, drinking, nudity or swearing.

  • All music must be used legally. You can create your own music, get written permission from the artist or sample free music.

Helpful Tips

  1. Always use a tripod. Shaky footage can ruin an amazing moment, so find a way to mount your camera to something steady. If you don’t have a tripod, get creative and connect the camera to some other stationary object. As a rule of thumb, once you hit record, you should be able to take your hands away from the camera. If your shot is hand held, avoid moving around while recording. Keep a steady hand and keep your subject in the frame.

  2. Shoot everything horizontally or in widescreen, especially you iPhone videographers. That way in the editing phase, you will not have to zoom in or deal with black side bars

  3. Avoid panning and zooming! Your shots will be much more appealing if you let the action take place in front of the camera. Keep the frame steady for 10 seconds at a time while recording. Also, do not be afraid of a subject entering or leaving the frame. Avoid using the "digital zoom" feature of your camera. This mode of recording actually degrades the resolution of the full video frame.

  4. Whenever possible, try to get the sun behind you. And remember that the colors from early morning and late afternoon lighting can be very dramatic.

  5. Now this is important, anyone whose likeness appears in a video must fill out a release. Please keep track of your subjects, even those who might appear in the background. If they would be able to recognize themselves in a video, we need a release.

  6. Be bold, creative and have fun! If you have to shoot 10 takes to get the perfect shot, so be it! In the end you'll be glad you did.

  7. Shoot with editing in mind so you can avoid using still images in the final production.

  8. Music and text overlay can bring the whole video together. Try to find music that is exciting, upbeat, rhythmic, and ROYALTY FREE!

    Judging Criteria

    A committee of judges that includes photographers, graphic designers, and artists will select the top entries by applying           these criteria (“Judging Criteria”):

  1. Video quality (50%)

  2. Extent to which the photograph conveys a sense of exploration or adventure (25%)

  3. The quality of the description and its relationship to the photograph and the theme of exploration and adventure (25%)

​PTTW Video Competition Application