How do I withdraw from the University?

Formal withdrawal from the University is processed through the Office of the Vice President for Student Life. No withdrawal from the University is official until the student has processed the appropriate forms. The effective date of withdrawal is the date the formal application is filed in the Office of the Vice President for Student Life. A student who leaves the University without filing a statement of formal withdrawal is given the grade which the record warrants in all courses in which he/she is enrolled. A student may withdraw from a course within the first 25 days following registration. Grades will be recorded in accordance with the schedule listed in this section. Registration dates are printed in the Official Course Schedule Booklet, also available

Neglecting attendance in classes or merely giving notice to instructors will not be considered as official notice of withdrawal. An unofficial withdrawal may result in failure in the course. Class changes which place a student below full-time status will unfavorably affect veteran subsistence, financial aid, and eligibility for other academic recognition.

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