What is the policy on incomplete grades, I and IP?

When circumstances beyond a student's control prevent the completion of a course satisfactorily, the student has two options.  One is to withdraw, if the 'drop' deadline has passed.  The other is to request a grade of incomplete, "I", which allows a time extension.  Such a request must be made before the semester ends and before the final exam, and the granting of this privilege is entirely at the professor's discretion.

If the student is in residence, the deficiency must be made up and the grade changed by the instructor within the first six weeks of the following semester.  If the student is not in residence, the deficiency must be made up within one calendar year for the date the "I" was given.

Note: The "IP" grade is to be assigned for Project, Thesis, Dissertation courses or independent study.  The grade(s) for these courses should be assigned upon the successful defense of the Project, Thesis or Dissertation or completion of the independent study.

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