Program Transfer for Graduate Students

Different Departments

  • To transfer from one major department to another major department during a term in which a student is registered, the student is required to submit another application.
    • All pre-requisite courses must be completed,
    • Standardized test scores (if required) must be submitted.
    • New transcripts should be submitted, including the current JSU transcript.
    • New letters of reference should be submitted directly to the department/program.
    • Departmental application (if required) must be submitted
    • All application deadlines must be met.

Once the application is complete, a transmittal with application material will be sent to the program for review by the Departmental admission committee.

Once the Division of Graduate Studies receives the recommendation from the department and the College Dean or designee, applicants are notified by the Graduate Dean of the decision.

Same Department

  • To transfer from one program to another program located in the same academic department, the student is required to submit a “Program Transfer” form. [