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Daniel Hale Williams Scholars Program

Through the Daniel Hale Williams Scholar program, scholars are able to expand their public health skills from the training they receive in cardiovascular epidemiology, biostatistics, and social epidemiology.  An added advantage of the DHW Scholar program is that the scholars get an opportunity to do research using the Jackson Heart Study data sets and are able to interact with researchers and investigators who are familiar with the JHS data and JHS research. They are also afforded opportunities to interact with renowned scientists from institutions around the country and have opportunity to participate in research, presentations, and publications.

How to Become a Daniel Hale Williams Scholar?

The Daniel Hale Williams Scholars Program (DHWSP) seeks graduate students who are enrolled in Psychology, Social Work, Sociology and Public Health programs at Jackson State University and in Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry schools at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. This program is designed to provide a strong grounding in epidemiology, cardiovascular disease, health disparities and professional development to increase the likelihood of graduate students entering careers in biomedical sciences.  The DHWSP is a two-year commitment program.

Students selected for the DHWSP must be in good standing within their respectively university, and must be committed to 85% of the DHWSP activities.  Students must have a GPA of 3.50 or above.  Three letters of recommendation are required, and you must submit a personal statement as to why you are interested in cardiovascular disease and health disparities and why you would want to become a Daniel Hale Williams Scholar.