The Fannie Lou Hamer Institute @ COFO

Welcome to the Hamer Institute

This is an exciting time for the Hamer Institute. Various programs, lectures, symposiums, and town hall style discussions have laid the groundwork for critical dialogue between us and the students, community and visitors, and we are anticipating many more opportunities for outreach and education in the very near future.

Whether we are conducting summer youth programs, continuing education for Jackson Public School teachers, enlightening community college professors, or hosting a lecture series throughout the academic year, we strive to offer non-stop educational opportunities for everyone. With continued support from the community we can work together to continue our steady progress.

This website is another valuable tool for Civil Rights education. The resources page gives a multitude of educational assets of that can be used for personal knowledge, as well as teaching tools. The photos and links can further enrich research, or even quench your general curiosity concerning places and events in the movement. Check out iTunes, where audio and video recordings of relevant lectures and speeches can be downloaded.

In addition to the various programs, we are in the process of completing the transformation of the Council of Federated Organizations building on Lynch Street. Once finalized, the COFO building will be a crown jewel of education for the community. The COFO building, in conjunction with the on-going revitalization of historic Lynch Street, creates a "Civil Rights Corridor." When completed, activists as well as students will be proud of the facilities, and we anticipate it becoming a mecca of Civil Rights history in Jackson.

When you find yourself in Jackson, feel free to stop by the COFO complex. Attend a lecture or discussion, and take part in our continuing mission to educate and improve the community. We can all work together to continue to make the social and structural improvements necessary to advance our community's cause, and truly be a part of our efforts as we move forward in "Challenging Minds and Changing Lives."

Best Wishes,