The Leadership Team


Keith Lamont Mcmillian, Program Director

is a business professional who, through collaboration, partnerships and relationships, creates win-win situations.  After several years of industry training in management and customer service, Mcmillian earned his Master of Arts degree in Political Science with a focus in policy and administration.  Now, Program Manager of the Fannie Lou Hamer Institute @ COFO,  he continues to foster productive relationships under the auspices of the Institute for Social Justice and Race Relations.  The Fannie Lou Hamer Institute @ COFO supports the mission of Jackson State University as it continues to empower diverse students to become leaders. As the Program Manager, McMillian is responsible for the overall direction and effective management of the Hamer Institute @ COFO. This includes: daily administration of the Title III Program, development of effective administrative compliance procedures, ensuring proper resource allocation, record-keeping and maintaining systems for all grants and awards.