Hamer Institute @ COFO Suggested Reading List


(2000, June 20). Civil Rights and Labor Institute at JSU Extends Invite to Public. The Clarion-Ledger

(2001, July 11). Gap in Perceptions of Racism Growing. The Times-Picayune

"The Hands that Picked Cotton"

"The Hands that Picked Cotton #2

150 Negro Youths Arrested in Albany

A Brief Chronology of the Southern Civil Rights Movement

Advanced Ideas about Democracy. "Rediscovering Humanity's Great Lessons at Home"

Africa for Africans: Pan-Africanism and Black Populism, 1918- 1930

Agents of Change: A Handbook for Student Labor Activists

Ain't I A Woman,  Chapter 1- Jezebel and Mammy: The Mythology of Female Slavery.

Albany Movement Time Line: October- December 1961

Alexander Bloom and Wini Breines – Takin' It To The Streets: A Sixties Reader; Black Nationalism and Black Pride

Ally Mack, Mary Delores Coleman, and Leslie B. McLemore, Current Trends in Black Politics: Prospects and Problems.

An Ex Gang Member Went to Harvard (June 1, 1998). Newsweek

Ann Braden, Lessons From a History of Struggle.

Beyond the Melting Pot: Building the Rainbow Coalition

Bishop Storey, (28 September 2001).South Africa.

Black History of the Albany Area

Black Politics/ Social Movements: American Politics, Selected Bibliography

Black Politics/ Social Movements: American Politics, Selected Bibliography2

Black Turnout in the 1984 and 1988 Presidential Primaries and Elections

Black Workers Remember. Introduction: Segregation, Racial Violence, and Black Workers.

Carol Mueller, Ella Baker and the Origins of Participatory Democracy: Women in the Civil Rights Movement, Trailblazers and Torchbearers

Carroll Van West, et al – Tennessee Historical Quarterly; Spring 1999,

Chana Kai Lee – "Black Woman Leader" For Freedom's Sake: The Life of Fannie Lou Hamer

Chapter 4 "Black Power, Ballot Power."

Chapter 7. "Judge Lynch's Court"

Charles Payne,  Men Led, But Women Organized: Movement Participation of       Women in the Mississippi Delta

Cheryl Zarleng Kerchis and Iris Marion Young, "Education: Does Multi-Culturalism Equal Diversity? "Affirmative Action and the Myth of Merit"

Chronology of the Jackson Movement

Clarion Ledger: Civil Rights, Labor Topics of Local Conference

Clarion Ledger: Metro/ State;  Monday, June 16, 2003; "Memorial set for three slain rights workers"

Clarion Ledger: Beloved Civil Rights Leader Dies – AME Logan

Clarion Ledger: Conference reveals need for mentors

Clarion Ledger: Former Stokely Carmichael Dies

Congressional Records; "In Defense of Prince Edward County of Virginia: Speech of Hon. Harry Flood Byrd"

David Barclas and Ron Wakabayash, Hate Crime and the Business Community

David Barclay – The Diversity Factor (Summer 1998) "The Assault on Affirmative Action"

David Barclay, "Allies or Enemies? Affirmative Action and Managing Diversity"

David Roediger – "Race and Languages of Class from the Revolution to the Civil War

Democracy, Diversity, and Voice Project Advisory Board Inaugural Meeting,        September 26-27, 2002

Dixie Rising. Chapter 3- Selma, Alabama, "Crossing the Bridge, Calling the Roll, Keeping the Faith, Thirty Years On."

Documents of American Constitutional and Legal History. "Prigg v. Pennsylvania", "Dred Scott v. Sanford" , "The Constitution of the Confederate States of America" (1861)

Donna Langston – "The Women of Highlander" Women in the Civil Rights Movement Trailblazers and Torchbearers

Dr. Leslie Burl McLemore – Toward a Theory of Black Politics- The Black and Ethnic Models Revisited

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – "Letter from the Birmingham Jail"

Dred Scott v. Sanford (1857) Majority Opinion

Earnest N. Bracey,  The Miseducation of the American Mind: Alan Bloom             Revisited

Epilogue:"What Would Walter Do?"

Eric Foner, "The Making of Radical Reconstruction"

Ernest Gaines Newspaper Articles

Eyes on the Prize

Fannie Lou Hamer Wouldn't Like This: LA Times Commentary, March 29, 2001

First Slave Code (VA) 1704 or 1705

Floyd W. Hayes – The Turbulent Voyage: Readings in African American Studies

Former Stokely Carmichael Dead at 57

Frederick Douglass – The Meaning of the Fourth of July for the Negro

Frederick Douglass, "Our Elevation as a Race, Is Almost Wholly Dependent Upon Our Own Exertions"

Frederick Douglass, Learning to Read and Growing in Knowledge


From the Melting Pot to the Boiling Cauldron: The 1960's Revisited

Gerda Lerner,  Black Women in Which America Documentary History; April 12, 2001

Guinier – "Groups, Representation and Race Conscious Districting" P 119-156

Gwendolyn Bennett,  African American Identity- Who Am I?

Howard Ball, "Born into Racism and Segregation in America"

Joanne Grant, Ella Baker: Freedom Bound

John Barnard, Auto Workers Before the Union: Walter Reuter and the Rise of the             UAW

John Dittmer,  Local People; Chapter 3- The Magnolia Jungle, Chapter 4- Toward a New Beginning

John Dittmer, Organizing Mississippi, Local People; Chapter 8

John Gaventa, Barbara Ellen Smith, Alex Willingham, "Communities in Economic Crisis: Appalachia & the South",  Chapter 11. Race Development and the Character of Black Political Life in Bogalusa, Louisiana. Rickey Hill

Joseph Daniel Pope, To The Freed People of the Orangeburg District, (1865, June 29)

Joseph P. Lash – Eleanor Roosevelt, Wise as a Serpent, Guileless as a Dove; Chapter 10

Klansman Stage Albany, GA Rally

Lawrence Leamer – Robert Byrd and Edward Kennedy: Two Stories of the Senate

Leslie Burl McLemore – The Electorate at the polls in the 1990's; Chapter 3

Leslie McLemore, "Getting Out the Vote in Mississippi"

Looking Inward. Chapter 11. "Breaking New Ground."

Louisiana History: The Journal of the Louisiana Historical Association. "Negro Leadership and Program in Louisiana Constitutional Convention of 1868." Charles Vincent.

Lucius J. Barker, Mack H. Jones, Katherine Tate – African Americans and the American Political System

Mamie E. Locke, "Is This America? Fannie Lou Hamer and the Mississippi Democratic Party"

Manning Marable – "The Demand for Reform: 1954-1960"

Melvin Dubofsky – "Workers, Industry, and Society, 1865- 1920" Industrialism and the American Worker

Michael J. Sandel – America's Search for a New Public Philosophy; The Atlantic    Monthly

Michael K. Honey,  Labor and Civil Rights, "Southern Labor and Black Civil Rights: Organizing Memphis Workers

Michael Novick, "White Lies, White Power: The Fight Against White Supremacy and Reactionary Violence"

Michelle D. Deardorff,  Ida B. Wells-Barnett: Racial Violence and Economic Sufficiency

Mississippi Delta Planters and Debates over Mechanization, Labor, and Civil Rights in the 1940's

Neil McMillen – Dark Journey. "The Gathering Challenge"

Nell Irvin Painter, Exoclusters: Black Migration to Kansas After Reconstruction. Chapter 15. "The Kansas Fever Exodus of 1879."

One Mississippi Negro Who Didn't Go To College

Patience on a Movement; The Emancipation of the Negro; The Ignorant Vote- Honors are Easy Colored Rule in the Reconstructed South

Paul Cuffe Calls for the Uplift of America

Paul Finkelman, Introduction: The Dred Scott Case, Slavery, and the Politics of Law

Peter Kolchin, "Antebellum Slavery: Slave Life"

Race and Class in the American South Since 1890. "The Legal Basis of Agrarian Capitalism: The South Since 1933." (Pete Daniel) Melvyn Stokes and Rick Halpern

Richard Wright, Uncle Tom's Children

Rick Bragg, Witnesses Say Ex-Klansman Boasted of Church Bombing

Ronald Hollander: One Mississippi Negro Who Didnt Go to College

Sandra B. Oldendorf – "The South Carolina Sea Island Citizenship Schools, 1957-1961"

Sasha Abramsky – When They Get Out

Seven Rules for Effective History Teaching or Bringing Life to the History Class

Songs Become a Weapon in Rights Battle

Souls of Black Folk,  Defines Timelessness

Southern Exposure. Summer 1980 Volume 3, Number 2; Studs Terkel Interviews C.P. Ellis: Why I Quit the Klan

Sovereignty Commission Agency History

Studs Terkel –  Hard Times: An Oral History of the Great Depression

Terror in the Night: The Klan's Campaign Against the Jews

The Albany Cases: The Albany Story

The Black Vote in 1984 and 1988

The Constitution of the United States of America

The Constitution of the United States of America

The Constitution: Text and Context. "The Declaration of Independence- 1776  In Congress, July 1776."_____ "The Articles of Confederation- 1781"

The Electorate at the Polls in the 1990's

The Emergent Mobilization of the Black Community in the Jackson Campaign for             President

The Eyes on the Prize; Civil Right Reader

The Fannie Lou Hamer Standard: "Measuring Campaign Finance Reform"

The Iron of Democracy

The Nature of the Problem

The Nature of the System

The Student Voice:  Churches Burned, Nightriders Attack SNCC Staff in Southwest Georgia Voter Registration Drive

The Terrain of Freedom: Correspondence regarding the Freed People

Whipping Post

Whither the Rainbow Coalition?  Chapter 1

Whither the Rainbow Coalition? Chapter 3

Why We Can't Wait:  Chapter 4- The Sword that Heals, Chapter 8- Bull Connor's Birmingham

William Bigelow and Norman Diamond – The Power in Our Hand

William Bradford Huie – "Approved Killings in Mississippi"

William H. Harris – "A. Phillip Randolph, Black Voters and the Labor        Movement"

William M. Tuttle, Jr. – Race Riot: Chicago in the Red Summer of 1919. "Going    to Canaan."

William Tuttle Jr. – Going to Caanan, Chicago in the Red Summer of 1919