The Fannie Lou Hamer Memorial Symposium Lecture Series

The Fannie Lou Hamer Institute @ COFO

Presents the 32nd Annual Fannie Lou Hamer Memorial Symposium:

“Nobody’s Free Until Everybody’s Free”

 Policing and Racism in America

Well you might kill me today, but I’m innocent, I’m not guilty, and I will never say I’m guilty.” (Fannie Lou Hamer, Speech at Loop College, 1970). In the 1960’s, police interaction precipitated many of the race riots that plagued urban America. Today, while belief in equal justice stands as a preeminent political tenet of American society, abiding skepticism exists among many racial and ethnic minorities.  Their mistrust is not surprising given the history of differential treatment in the system of criminal justice and police conduct.



Wednesday, October 28, 2015; 6:00 p.m.


Fannie Lou Hamer Institute @ COFO, 1017 John R. Lynch Street, Jackson, MS 39217


Special Guest

Ms. Jasmine JacksonModerator, Political Science Student, Jackson State University

Mr. Jimmy L. Bell, Professor, Criminal Justice and Sociology, Jackson State University

Mr. Antar Lumumba, Attorney and Activist, Jackson, Mississippi

Dr. Leniece T. Smith-Davis, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Jackson State University


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FLH 32nd Memorial Symposium