SHS Goals and Objectives

Program Goals

The Public Health Program has three goals: instructional, research, and service. In order to meet the goals of the Program, a number of measurable objectives have been established.

Instructional Goal

To graduate students with discipline-specific and core competencies to enable them to contribute to the promotion of health, the prevention of disability, the elimination of disparities and to support health equity and public health best practices, with a focus on the underserved and at-risk populations in Mississippi, the nation, and the world. Our measurable objectives include:

  1. To assess the curriculum content annually to ensure development of competencies [reflective of the above goal (M.P.H./Dr.P.H.)]
  2. To ensure that all syllabi are presented in the appropriate format to support development of competencies for the M.P.H./Dr.P.H.
  3. To provide appropriate/effective advisement to students
  4. To monitor and improve student satisfaction with and perceived value of the program courses and faculty–quality measure-Satisfaction and perceived adequacy of faculty-Satisfaction with program leaders
  5. To provide international learning opportunities to faculty and students (5a)and build international partnerships to support this experiential learning process and enhance public health program development in Jackson, MS
  6. To maintain a satisfactory graduation rate for M.P.H./Dr.P.H. students
  7. To set and maintain satisfactory passing rates on: (a) the M.P.H. comprehensive examinations (b) field experience at the end of the M.P.H. and Dr.P.H. program (c) the Dr.P.H. comprehensive examinations (d) the Dr.P.H. Practicum (e) dissertation
  8. To enhance the capacity of the existing public health workforce to support elimination of health disparities by training current and practicing diverse public health workforce members in MS

Research Goal

To provide leadership and advance social justice through evidence-based scientific inquiry, generate knowledge in the reduction of risk and prevention of disease and disability among underserved communities and at-risk populations in Mississippi, the nation, and the world. Our measurable objectives include:

  1. To have Core faculty engaging in collaborative, trans-disciplinary, translational research that promotes health and empowers the public community: Students will be involved in faculty research
  2. To increase the extra-mural funding activity of the faculty
  3. To increase faculty research publication productivity
  4. To increase the number of faculty professional presentations

Service Goal

To provide technical expertise, advocacy, and translational resources to internal stakeholders (University, School, Departments, and Program) and external stakeholders (local, national, and global communities, public agencies, and the private sector) to become forces in the elimination of health disparities, the promotion of health and prevention of disease and disability, to achieve health equity and to become full participants in workforce development efforts of the state. Our measurable objectives include:

  1. To provide health-related information, including information on health disparities, to Mississippi elected officials
  2. To build capacity for disease prevention and health promotion
  3. To create health disparity awareness for community-based organizations in accordance with Healthy People 2010
  4. To increase faculty and program visibility by reviewing grants for federal and state agencies
  5. To assess the workforce development needs of the public health community to empower the community to become a force in the workforce development efforts of the State