Dr. Kofi Barima

Kofi Barima photo

Title: Assistant Professor

Email: kofi.r.barima@jsums.edu

Phone: 601-979-6303

Location:  LIB, #349





Ph.D., Howard University, African Diaspora/Caribbean History, 2009

M.A.,  Howard University, West African  & Public History, 2005

B.A.,   Howard University, History/Anthropology, 2001


Research Interest:

Obeah, Maroons



Black Power


Courses Taught: 

History 405, African History I History 550,  Oral History

History 300,  Oral History Methodology History 552, Problems In American History

History 102, History Of Civilization II   History 406, African History


Professional Memberships: 

Association of Caribbean Historians

African Heritage Studies Association


Recent Publications:

Obeah to Rastafari: Jamaica as a Colony of Ridicule, Oppression and Violence, 1865-1939 Africology: The Journal of Pan African Studies , vol.10, no.1, March 2017

“Cutting Across Space and Time: Obeah’s Service to Jamaica’s Freedom Struggle in Slavery and Emancipation” in Africology: The Journal of Pan African Studies, vol.9, no.5, August 2016

“Caribbean Migrants in Panama and Cuba, 1851-1927: The Struggles, Opposition and Resistance of Jamaicans of African Ancestry” in  Journal of Pan-African Studies vol.5, no.9, March 2013

“Militancy and Spirituality: Haiti’s Revolutionary Impact on Jamaica’s Africans and Afro-Creole 1740-1824” WADABAGEI VOL 14: 1-2 Fall 2013

“ Maritime  Marronage” in The Caribbean Slave Routes: Sites of Memory January 24, 2016 http://slaveroutes.creativejunction.com/maritime-marronage/