History Faculty:

Azevedo, Dr. Mario
Chair, Professor and Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
Duke University
African History, African American Studies, Epidemiology (Infectious Diseases)
E-mail: mario.j.azevedo@jsums.edu Phone: 601-979-8836

Bernhardt, Dr. Mark
Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator
University of California, Riverside
United States History, Media History, Film History, Gender and Sexuality Studies
E-mail: mark.a.bernhardt@jsums.edu Phone: 601-979-2495

Bounds, Mr. Tony
Jackson State University
Global History
E-mail: tony.a.bounds@jsums.edu Phone: 601-979-2368

Brockley, Dr. Janice
Associate Professor
Rutgers University
Gender and Family History, History of Disability and Health, American History
E-mail: janice.a.brockley@jsums.edu Phone: 601-979-2504

Chapman, Dr. Rico
Associate Professor, Interim Assistant Chair
Howard University
Africana Studies, African History,  Museum Studies
E-mail: rico.d.chapman@jsums.edu Phone: 601-979-2490

Christmas, Farah
Jackson State University
Global History
E-mail: farah.l.christmas@jsums.edu Phone: 601-979-2498

Cotton, Joshua
Adjunct Faculty
Jackson State University
Global History
E-mail: joshua.j.cotton@jsums.edu Phone: 601-979-2191

Davis, Dr. Dernoral
Associate Professor
State University of New York (SUNY)
American History, Afro-American History, Southern History, American Urban History
E-mail: dernoral.davis@jsums.edu Phone: 601-979-2191

Luckett, Dr. Robert
Associate Professor, Director of the Margaret Walker Alexander National Research Center
University of Georgia
20th Century United States History, Civil Rights Movement, Southern History
E-mail: robert.e.luckett@jsums.edu Phone: 601-979-3935

Maneck, Dr. Susan
Associate Professor
University of Arizona
Global History, Oriental Studies, Religious Studies, Women's Studies
E-mail: susan.s.maneck@jsums.edu Phone: 601-979-2491

Roopnarine, Dr. Lomarsh
Associate Professor
University at Albany, State University of New York
Caribbean History, Latin American History
E-mail: lomarsh.roopnarine@jsums.edu Phone: 601-979-2494

Ross, Tennia
Adjunct Faculty
Jackson State University
Global History
E-mail:  Phone: 601-979-2191

Stewart, Dr. Althea
Adjunct Faculty
Jackson State University
World Civilizations, United States History
E-mail: althea.r.stewart@jsums.edu Phone: 601-979-2191

Thames, Mr. Shannon
Jackson State University
20th Century United States History, Global History, Military History
E-mail: shannon.s.thames@jsums.edu Phone: 601-979-6303

Thurman, Dr. Larry
Adjunct Faculty
Jackson State University
Global History
E-mail:  Phone: 601-979-2191

Welch, LeAnna
Adjunct Faculty
Jackson State University
Mississippi History, Civil War and Reconstruction, World History
E-mail: leanna.welch@jsums.edu Phone: 601-979-2191

Philosophy and Religious Studies Course Faculty:

Banks, Barron, M.Div.
Adjunct Instructor, Alumni Chapter Development Specialist
Public Speaking, Program Planning, Public Relations, Community Development
E-mail: barron.banks@jsums.edu Phone: 601-979-0806

Crump, Dr. Alfonso
Associate Professor
Mississippi State University, MS
Logic, Philosophy, Social Statistics and Research
E-mail: alfonso.w.crump@jsums.edu Phone: 601-979-2492

Holbrook, Dr. Charles
Assistant Professor
Memphis Theological Seminary
Philosophy, Spiritual Counseling, Ministry
E-mail: charles.holbrook@jsums.edu Phone: 601-979-2503


Lackey, Dr. Hillard
Adjunct Faculty
The University of Mississippi
Associate Professor of Urban Higher Education/History/Geography
Coordinator of Doctoral Student Development
E-mail: hilliard.lackey@jsums.edu Phone: 601-979-2191


Purry, Dr. Valerie
E-mail: valerie.a.purry@jsums.edu
Phone: 601-979-2179