History Club

The Aim of the History Club

The aim of the History Club is to promote historical awareness, intellectual growth, and social welfare of the Jackson State University Community, and to promote appreciation for the aim and objectives of Jackson State University.


  • To promote awareness of historical events.
  • To help promote goodwill between the community and student body of Jackson State University.
  • To give critical analysis of historical events.

Requirements for Membership

  • Students must be a History Major or Minor in History or show interest in History.
  • Only those students who major in History may hold office.

Club Colors

  • Royal Blue, White and Gold.

Meeting Dates and Dues

  • The History Club meets weekly.
  • The dues are $5.00 monthly.

Non-Discriminatory Policy

  • The History Club does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, nationality, or religious preference.