M.A. Degree Requirements

1. Required Courses – History 545, Historical Criticism and Historiography; History 546, Historical Research.

2. Required number of hours for thesis option: 30; for non-thesis option: 36.

3. An M.A.student must complete a thesis or written project within two years after passing the Graduate Comprehensive Examination.

4. A written Comprehensive Examination is required for completion of the M.A. degree in history. The written examination is given at the time designed by the Graduate School.

5. All M.A. students in history are required to pass a foreign language written examination. If, however, a student has taken and passed the first year sequence of a foreign language (101, 102) as an undergraduate and averaged a grade of “B” or better, the examination is usually waived. Additionally, specified course(s) in computer science may be used to satisfy the foreign language requirement. If one chooses this option, it must be agreed upon by both the student’s advisor and the Department Chair. All candidates must satisfy the language requirement before graduation.

6. A student who has demonstrated some academic deficiencies and is provisionally admitted to the graduate program may be asked to take an undergraduate course(s) or to enroll in a structured remedial program. In this way, the Department increases the likelihood of the student successfully completing the program and receiving the Master of Arts degree.

7. After completing all class requirements for the degree, M.A. candidates who opted for a thesis option must register for History 590-“Thesis.” Thesis degree candidates must initially complete six (6) hours of History 590. If the thesis is not completed after the initial six hours, a student will need to register for one (1) hour of History 590 until all degree requirements have been satisfied. Non-thesis candidates instead of a thesis are required to complete a written research project. Until the project is completed and approved by the student’s project committee he/she is required to be registered for one (1) hour of History 590. A non-thesis M.A. candidate must complete the project within one year of completing the required course work.

Required Courses:
HIST 545 Historical Criticism and Historiography 3
HIST 546 Historical Research                            3

Hours                                                              6