Department of History and Philosophy


Undergraduate Program

The Department of History and Philosophy offers the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in History.  In addition, a minor in History, and a minor in Philosophy and Religion are offered by the department.  A minimum of 124 hours is required for the Bachelor of Arts degree, and 122 hours to complete the Bachelor of Science degrees in History, respectively. Click here to apply.

For all programs, the following Core Curriculum requirements are Communication (English, Speech, and a Foreign Language) — 12-18 hours; Humanities and Fine Arts — 6 hours; Social and Behavioral Science (including History of Civilization) — 9 hours; Natural Science (including computer literacy) — 6-9 hours; Health or Physical Education — 2-3 hours; and Concepts for Success in College — 2 hours.  The total number of hours will range between 37 and 47 depending on whether a student receives foreign language credit based on their high school record, or received course credit for P.E. instead of Health.  Specific course numbers and titles are identified on the Departments's curriculum sheet.  A minimum grade of  "C" must be earned in all History Courses.  A. 2.0 GPA is required for graduation.  Additional requirements for graduation include passage of both the English Proficiency Examination and History Department exit exam. For teacher certification, passage of the PRAXIS is required.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements

The Department of History and Philosophy requires at least 39 hours of History credits in addition to two classes of three hours each in History of Civilization.  Required courses include: (1) HIST 201 and 202 — United States History; (2) HIST 211 and 212 — Survey of Europe, or 6 hours of European History; (3)  HIST 344 — Historiography; and (4) HIST 447 –Research Seminar.  HIST 344 and HIST 447 must be taken in sequence and each course will be offered annually only once. Additionally 18 hours if Social Science courses are required.

The alternative route is strongly recommended to Bachelor of Arts majors interested in social science teacher certification for the State of Mississippi.  Under this program, students will follow the standard Bachelor of Arts curriculum except that HIST 325 — Mississippi History, becomes a requirement and students will take thirty-nine (39) hours of social sciences instead of eighteen (18) hours in Social Sciences Courses.  The courses should be distributed as follows: (1) PS 135 — American Government and one other political science course; (2) SOC 214 — Introduction to Sociology and other sociology course; (3) ECO 211 — Principles of Macroeconomics and ECO 212 — Principles of Microeconomics; any two Geography courses; (4) PSY 305 — Adolescent Psychology; PSY 306 — Educational Psychology; and PSY 307 — Measurement and Evaluation; and any two elective courses from the areas of political science, sociology, economics, geography, psychology and social science.

Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements

The Department of History and Philosophy requires at least 36 hours of History in addition to History of Civilization; no maximum is set.  Required Courses include: (1) HIST 201 and 202 — United States History; (2) HIST 211 and 212 — Survey of Europe, or 6 hours of European History; (3) HIST 325 — Mississippi History; (4) HIST 344 — Historiography; and (5) HIST 447 — Research Seminar.

Professional Education Requirements include: (1) EDCI — Introduction of Education (3 hours); (2) SS 203 — Foundations of Education (3 hours); (3) RE 455 — Diagnostic Reading in the Secondary School (3 hours); (4) ETEC 367 — Introduction to Measurement, Evaluation, and Assessment (3 hours); (5) SS 301 — Law and Our Social System (3 hours); (6) COUN 315 — Human Development and Learning (3 hours); (7) EDCI 401 — Research Classroom Management and Clinical Practice (3 hours); (8) SS 401 — Social Science Methods (3 hours); (9) SPED 311 — Exceptional Children and Youth (3 hours); and (10) EDCI 402 — Clinical Internship in Student Teaching (12 hours); for a total of 39 hours.

Concentration Requirements

The Department of History and Philosophy requires at least 21 hours of History for a History concentration.  The requirements include one course in European History (HIST 211 or 212), United States History (HIST 202), Historiography (HIST 344), and four additional history courses at either the 300 or 400 level.

Within the Department of History and Philosophy a concentration/minor in Philosophy and Religion is offered.  The number of hours necessary or required for a concentration/minor is 21 credits. Requirements for the concentration include Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 301), and five additional course offerings in Philosophy and Religion chosen by the student in consultation with an adviser from this area.